Q. Arrival and departure times. What time can you arrive at the holiday home and what time do you need to leave on changeover day?

A. Most of our properties are cleaned between 10am and 3pm and the house keepers are aware that people can arrive anytime after 3pm so the key is made available from then and placed in the keysafe. We appreciate that people often arrive early to the resort and want to get into the property but we sometimes need that time to get maintenance issues resolved therefore please do not attempt access before 3pm. We have had a few too many instances of maintenance people not being able to gain access before 3pm and then charging us for the call-out!! In any case the tenancy starts at 3pm for insurance purposes. At the end of the holiday our guests are asked to leave by 10am on their leaving day to allow the cleaners to start to prepare for the next guests.

Q. Keys. How do you get the key for your holiday home?

A. All our properties have key safes. Details of where they can be found and how to open them along with the key safe code will be on your arrival instructions which you will get access to once your holiday has been paid in full.

Q. Why book with Holiday Home Hunter. What makes Holiday Home Hunter unique?

A. Holiday Home Hunter founded by Madeleine Palmer in 2003 has grown from just a few properties to now managing the letting of around 60. Much of its growth has derived from her reputation in giving excellent service, a personal touch and local knowledge as well as inside knowledge of every property we manage. Maddy and the team, Sarah and Julia all live in Woolacombe or surrounds and know all the properties inside out. Many of our clients are friends and relatives and our house keepers and tradesmen are likewise, friends of family or well known to us and work closely with us to help provide an all round exceptional service. Maddy even tries to visit some of our holiday guests on arrival day to wish them a good holiday and make sure they are happy. Otherwise we suggest that guests call their housekeepers or we can be easily contacted on the office number 01271 870067 or by calling into our office in the centre of Woolacombe village. Guests are also given the Emergency Out of Hours mobile number.

Q. Linen and towels, heating and hot water. Do you need to bring bed linen and towels? Is heating and hot water inclusive?

A.Heating and hot water are inclusive in all our properties; there are none with coin meters. Pretty much all of them provide a bath towel and hand towel per person or at least a bath towel and hand towels in each bathroom. The linen details on each individual place are sent to you on your confirmation invoice. Beach towels are not provided so you will need to bring your own. Please take a look at the “What’s provided” page on the “Info” drop down menu.

Q. Car parking. How do you know if there is parking and for how many cars?

A. Full info on parking will be on the web page for each property. Some have space for one car and others may have provision for more but it should state this in their properties description or on the info panel to the right of the page. A visitor space doesn’t always mean guests have exclusive use of it for an additional car for the whole holiday. It generally means that if guests have a day visitor they can park on the premises if one of the visitor spaces is available for a few hours. You will need to call and ask for info on parking if you are bringing an additional car to the number advertised.

Q. Baby equipment. What equipment is provided if any for babies or should you bring your own?

A. Quite a few places have travel cots and some have high chairs and other items but you will need to check what is provided by calling the office unless it is shown in the written description on our website. Due to health and safety we are not allowed to provide cot bedding. To save space in the car it is always worth checking with us first. We have details of agencies that can hire out equipment so that is another option. If you bring or hire a stair gate please be careful not to mark the walls when fitting them.

Q. Wi-Fi. Do we offer Wi-Fi?

A. Most of our places have free Wi-Fi. There are still some holiday homes without Wi-Fi. However, in some areas you can find a BT Fon hot spot, it’s only free if you are a BT customer by using your code or you can pay otherwise. The BT website has lots of info under their Broadband section. Some of our places with Broadband might only have a limited free allowance before they are charged so please limit downloading unless you are sure they have an unlimited service. It must be noted that North Devon Wi-Fi reception may not be anywhere like where guests live. It can sometimes be slow and intermittent and we can not be held responsible for that. Thank you.

Q. Our Green Policy. Do we have views on this?

A. The answer is yes, we do feel quite strongly about saving our planet and being environmentally friendly where possible however, as each place is owned individually we find this quite difficult to implement. This is where our guests come in. Hopefully we are all more environmentally aware these days or at least we should be and therefore thought should be given to the points raised below. Also if our guests make a conscious effort to be careful then our owners will hopefully be less inclined to steep up the prices over and above the normal % to cover their extra bills.

• Please turn lights off when not in rooms
• Do not leave phone chargers plugged in and on when not in use
• Don’t use washing machines for small loads
• Avoid excessive use of tumble driers, use inside & outside airers where possible
• Please recycle as much as possible
• Don’t leave the heating on when out or leave
• Try to bring just one car

Q. Pets. Can you bring your faithful friend?

A. With over a 25% of our places taking dogs, you can enjoy your holiday with your faithful friend! Most are a stones throw to a footpath or beach, some have enclosed outdoor space and one even has a dog friendly wet room! Many of our places accept well behaved dogs but puppies are not allowed. Dogs are not allowed on furniture and all their bedding, blankets and feeding equipment should be brought. No dogs should be left unattended at any time in the property. Please note that even though a property may not accept pets this does not automatically guarantee that no pets have ever been there. Some owners bring their own pets but do not allow others to bring theirs. If you or anyone in your party suffers from allergies you will need to check with us before booking. A charge of £20 per dog per holiday is required except for Seascape, 7 Pebbles Court.

Q. Older cottages. Are all our holiday homes modern?

A. No, not all our places are modern and new. We do offer some lovely older character properties which suit some people but not all have modern cavity wall insulation, double glazing etc. Properties near the coast can be damper or suffer from condensation. They may be colder or even a little damp especially after a rainy spell so if you or any of your party suffer from allergies please inform us before making your selection so we can help you make the right choice.

Q. Group bookings. Do we accept group bookings?

A. Yes, some of our places lend themselves to groups of family members or friends either by sharing a larger property or by taking several places within the same complex. We have strict rules about groups though. Unfortunately we can not accept bookings from all male or all female parties comprising more than 3 people or groups of people under the age of 25. Usually a damage deposit will be taken and held until after the holiday. Care must be taken to ensure that if cooking utensils are moved around between apartments that they are returned to the right place at the end of the holiday as more often the places are owned by different owners so this can cause problems.

Q. Damage Deposits. Do we take a damage deposit?

A. Some of our holiday home owners ask us to collect a damage deposit. This is to cover loss or damage to a property or its contents. The house keepers are asked to contact us by the Monday close of business after guests vacate if there is a need to withhold monies. It is rarely necessary to deduct money from the damage deposits as most people are very careful and respectful but it is in place to protect the owners. Occasionally there is a need to retain some of the damage deposit if a property is left in a bad state by the guests causing the house keepers a much longer clean and in turn costing the owners more. The damage deposit will be refunded on or after the Tuesday after guests vacate once we know whether there are any damages or claims reported by the house keepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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